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Five Neat Things: Tapped Out

I’ve been busy, ahem, prioritizing other things lately. I’ve also felt like I’ve been in a bit of a rut, and not in the mood to read and consume. Jocelyn said it best in her newsletter from the other week:

But lately, I’ve been a little tapped out on consuming other people’s content. I’m knee-deep in working on two new creative projects, and it’s hard to hear your own voice if you’re constantly cramming other people’s ideas into your brain.

I finally felt the urge to put a few links together, so here’s a couple neat things:

  1. Loved looking through these logos. Makes me think about all the small tech companies of the past that didn’t “make it” (a la Halt and Catch Fire). Also reminds me that its been too long since I stretched my design muscles.

  2. Can’t wait for this book.

  3. On resistance.

  4. In praise of extreme moderation.

    I long ago decided to invest in extreme moderation. I do everything with the deliberate intent of finding a balance between two extremes — doing nothing and doing too much. I want to do a reasonable job at the different parts of my life and a stellar job at the balance between all of them.

  5. On architecture and automation.