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Five Neat Things: Rest

  1. While I took a few days off work last week, I read Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less. My mind is brimming with ideas about mandatory time off, exercise, and sabbaticals. One of the ideas that stuck with me is about stopping your work while you still know what you are doing, not when you get stuck, or have everything wrapped up. The book suggests this allows you brain to keep thinking on the subject and for ideas to come more easily the next time you sit down to work. Highly recommended!

  2. With all the talk surrounding banning plastic straws, here’s a history lesson on them. It makes me wonder, who is making all these every day, “boring” products we don’t spend much time thinking about? What is innovation like at those companies?

  3. There are memes for everything. These public transit ones are both silly and inspiring.

…the intention was to make silly jokes – but it’s morphed into this thing where people feel inspired by the group, directly or indirectly, to go into urban planning and policy.

  1. We’re All Innocently Out of Touch.

Realizing how many different views exist forces you into one of two spots: Arguing with others whose views you think are wrong, or realizing how out of touch you are with people whose experiences have led them to different views.

  1. My thoughts have come back to this article many times in the few weeks since I read it. It talks about the small things we keep doing that prevent us from truly becoming great, and can be applied to so many things in life.

What are your chronic amateur mistakes? Think about where you’ve been stagnant, and ask yourself what you do that the pros would never allow themselves to do.